We are reading the Elthamread book!

These book groups are open to all. Please call or email in advance if you want to attend any meeting.

Eltham Library Reading Group:

Archery Road
London  SE9 1HA
020 8921 3452

New Eltham Library Reading Group:

Southwood Road
New Eltham
London SE9 3QT
020 8850 2322

The following are 'friends only' book groups with an interest in Elthamread

Read or Dead

We have been meeting for over 15 years in various guises. As a group of dynamic and strong individuals, we share the love of books, the arts and each other, coupled with the odd glass of vino.


The group has been in existence for over ten years and although there have been changes in membership we continue as enthusiastic and open minded readers. Love or hate our chosen books, everyone always has plenty to say. We also find time to discuss current films, theatre and, of course, gardening!

Eltham Park Book Group

We look forward to participating in some of the events.

The Monday Night Book Club

There are technically 14 of us but about 8 regularly meet up once a month. Our group grew out of a group of friends which were in the same babysitting group and we have added a few new members and lost a few over the years.

The Blooms Book Group

blooms reading group elthamread